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50 years in the future a mutant breed of giant rats have invaded earth and you have to fight against them.

Rat Royale: The Rodents Revenge

Rat Royale had the player stuck on an aircraft carrier being invaded by rats armed to the teeth. You have to use quick thinking and marksmen-ship to fight against the onslaught of rats while collecting more powerful gear along the way.

I made this game for my college project at City Plymouth college, and as I am proud with how it turned out I wish to share it on Itch.io. I am still updating the game to add even more content and improve my programming skills. Please leave any feedback in the comments below on what you think could be improved in the game.


  • A large variety of weapons - Long range rifles and grenade launchers to close range shotguns and chainsaws. There are tonnes of ways of killing the enemy rats.
  • Different classes of rats that attack you - From slow armoured rats to blood thirsty speedy berserk rats along with sniper rats on ledges you will always have to plan ahead while fighting your enemy.
  • Long playable level with multiple different areas - Starting out in the ship quarters moving on to a time challenging engine room which is flooding with water you will have to overcome many challenges.
  • Two different difficulty settings - If you think you are able to take on the hardest of rats you can try and play hard mode, where even the best FPS players can be overwhelmed.
  • Interactive Environment - Throughout the game you can use the level to your advantage, from leaving rats behind in the flooding water or using explosive barrels to blow them up.

Made by Toby Atkinson, student programmer.

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Install instructions

All you have to do is download the file, unzip the folder and run the .exe called Rat Royale to play!


RatRoyale2.zip 55 MB


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Displays qualities of a ready to publish title. The play through video allows me to see the game in its entirety, as you know I am not particularly good at playing these types of games! I have to say, I was totally blown away with your end product.

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Kench would be proud, amazing game and intense rat gameplay

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Very fun enjoyed the gameplay and especially the reload animations